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I found this ,written by an indian person, on the internet.
What does "urban enactment" mean?
Thank you!

The quantity of inhabitants in the city is depended upon to attain 15 lakhs by one year from now and the governing body seems, by all accounts, to be all adjusted to word towards making Jamshedpur ‘a picture of element Jharkhand’. It has created a City Development Plan that distinguishes land for new sub urban territories which would require 6400 hectares of range in order to suit advancement till 2021. Notwithstanding this, fortifying of administration schemas for urban arranging, cataclysm alleviation, natural administration and administration region moreover needs attention according to. The administration is moreover concentrating on enhancing diverse merriment’s related to water supply, sewerage and sanitation, hearty waste administration, storm water leakage and urban transport. It is also chalking out plans for legacy protection and tourism change, catastrophe administration, compelling urban enactment, major administrations to the urban poor, reasonable nature of hypotheses and diverse other basic issues.
  • lingobingo

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    It’s an extraordinary piece of writing (presumably a translation), using some comically inappropriate words – thanks, no doubt, to misinterpreting dictionary definitions of them. It cannot be taken as typical of good English.

    But by “compelling urban enactment” (no one else would ever describe it this way!) I imagine the person means “urban regeneration” (Urban regeneration - the issue explained).

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    The quality of English is so poor I don't think it is possible to tell. I cannot even work out whether "compelling" is a verb or an adjective, whether the meaning is that the administration's "chalking out plans for legacy protection and tourism change, catastrophe administration" compels urban enactment (and other basic issues), or whether "compelling urban enactment" is one of the "basic issues" that the administration is "chalking out".
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