1. cutegirl79 Member

    Portland, OR
    Como se dice zona urbana marginada en inglés. Estoy haciendo una carta diciendo que trabajé en una escuela primaria ubicada en una zona urbano-marginada. Muchas gracias
  2. Katita1 Member

    Australia (English)
    How about ¨disadvantaged urban area¨?
  3. Adam&Eve

    Adam&Eve Banned

    El Paso, Texas
    Estados Unidos de América
    Slum would be one word for it in US English.
    Also, ghetto.
  4. chicanul Senior Member

    Maybe a "(economically) depressed urban area/zone"...or just a "marginalized" urban area/zone
  5. Katita1 Member

    Australia (English)
    I think it depends on the context. If it´s a letter to a friend, slum or ghetto sounds good. However, they sound a bit informal to me if it´s a formal letter and ¨disadvantaged urban area¨ or the options suggested by Chicanul would probably be more apropriate...
  6. EastCoast

    EastCoast Banned

    District of Columbia, USA
    US, Spanish & English
    Ghetto and slum may indeed be informal. They're also crude and carry connotations that reflect the sad reality of those areas.
    Disadvantaged urban area definitely sounds more professional. By the same token, it's euphemistic and reeks of 'bureaucratese' (yuck)
    Depends on what the person's style is and what she wants to communicate.

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