Urdabi: "O laal nii" in meraa piiyaa ghar aayaa


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Dear Foreros,

In the ghazal meraa piiyaa ghar aayaa o Laal nii, how would you translate "Laal nii?" Piiyaa ghar aayaa manifestly stands for my beloved has come home, now Laal is also used for a beloved primarily one's son/offspring but in this case who is being reffered to in the Laal nii bit, the very person who is being referred to as meraa piiyaa? Nii and O are merely vocative and calling sounds. Meraa Laal I guess can be used for both a man and a woman and in fact anyone very dear to you and thus the evocation of health via a ruddy complexion. Redness being seen as a very endearing feature. In this ghazal is the subject a man or a woman who is being referred to as the "piiyaa" and in any case is that very same person being re-felicited upon his arrival?

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