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    Please assist me in transliterating and understanding the word آبگینہ from a miSra3 by Mirza Ghalib

    آ بگینہ تندئ صہبا سے پگھلا جاائے ہے
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    marrish SaaHib, do you have like this or like this:

    آبگینہ تندی ِ صہبا سے پگھلا جاائے ہے

    Since it is:


    آبگینہ aab-giinah = glass (vessel) - in poetry esp. for wine =
    مینا، شیشۂ مے miinaa, shiisha-e-mae (= goblet). But it also means crystal glass.
    تندی ِ صہبا tundii-e-Sahbaa2 = sharaab kii tezii
    The more obvious meaning is his praise for the the wine that melts the goblet it is poured into: sharaab kii tezii minaa ko pighlaa'e de rahii hai. But, as with our poetry there would be a hidden meaning too!

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    I'm sorry for the typo in pighlaa and am grateful for the explanation, Faylasoof SaaHib.

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