Urdu: احتساب

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Dear Foreros',

I was keen to learn how you would define the concept of EHtisaab in English because although the term is often translated as accountability, I don't feel that translation truly captures the essence of the word. In my view eHtisaab is rather a very thorough audit. EHtisaab karnaa to thoroughly audit someone, and karwaanaa to have someone audited, rather than to conduct accountability on someone which doesn't really make sense in the English language. You could make one accountable. You cannot however 'conduct accountability on them' and if you were to utter such a sentence it would come off as a calquey translation. Whereas since a moHtasib is an ombudsmen the work he conducts is of a superior order. So in my view eHtisaab is an audit, a cut above a mere muHaasaba. Perhaps its time the term was defined properly by the average dictionary?

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