Urdu: اٹھو وگر نہ حشر نہیں ہوگا پھر بھی


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Friends, can you help me understand this sentence
: "uTho vagar nah Hashr nahiiN hogaa phir bhii"
The double negative nah and nahiin is what confuses me.
Literally: Get up /and if / not / there is no crowd / even then.
Thanks. Here is the context:


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  • Gope SaaHib, it appears to be a misra3 (hemistich) from some poet but my ignorance doesn't allow me to figure out who penned it down :confused:

    The line goes: uTho vagarnah Hashr nahiiN ho gaa phir kabhii.

    uTho, nahiiN to Hashr nahiiN ho gaa phir kabhii.

    vagarnah - va-gar-nah - varnah = nahiiN to

    "Get up please, otherwise the gathering will take place no more again.

    Do note that Hashr means a gathering, tumult but also resurrection (or the day of resurrection or doomsday). Quite intertwined with uTho!
    I think it's a much more revolutionary couplet. It's implying the hour of reckoning is here and it's high time you rise up and take some action.
    :)Thanks, Khaanabadosh SaaHib.
    Since this couplet is being cited in the story in a lighter vein, marrish SaaHib's translation fits the context. The speaker is persuading a reluctant Rekha to dance with him.
    And thanks to marrish SaaHib for correcting the mistake in my citation.:)