Urdu: بہ غور

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  1. ihsaan Senior Member

    Can someone tell me what بہ غور means?

    Example of this used in a sentence:
    منال نے بہ غور اس کی طرف دیکھا .
  2. Alfaaz Senior Member

    بہ غور - with attention, deep thought, reflection, etc.
  3. ihsaan Senior Member

    Ah! Thank you so much; I tried to look for the translation in so many different places.
  4. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    In your sentence, "attentively".
  5. ihsaan Senior Member

    Thank you for adding that!
  6. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    You are welcome!

    Think of "ba-Ghaur" as "Ghaur se" (ba meaning se/meN/ke saath etc depending on context).
  7. ihsaan Senior Member

    Ah, interesting. So the same can be said for similar words (I.e. words with "be" in front)?
  8. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    ^ Yes..

    shah-zaadah shah-zaadii ko ba-dil-o-jaan chaahtaa thaa

    maiN aap ko aisaa karne se kab man3 kar rahaa huuN. ba-sad shauq kiijiye.

    ba-raah-i-raast (siidhe raaste par....also directly)

    chashm ba-raah (eyes on the road/ waiting impatiently)

    ummiid hai aap ba-xair hoN ge

    Got it?
  9. Alfaaz Senior Member

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  10. ihsaan Senior Member

    Yes! Thanks to both of you (Alfaaz SaaHib as well) for explaining.
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  11. marrish

    marrish Senior Member

    اُردو Urdu
    The topic has been dealt fairly with so the only thing remains for me to add that it can be written together: بغور
  12. ihsaan Senior Member

    I didn´t know that! Thanks for adding that.

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