Urdu: تشکیل دیدی

Discussion in 'Indo-Iranian Languages' started by teaboy, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. teaboy Senior Member

    تشکیل means organization or formation, but what is the دیدی part? Does that make it an adjective, organized? This is from a headline, so verbs and other clues are in short supply.
  2. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    It certainly is n't a sister whose name is "tashkiil" (tashkiil diidii) :)

    What you have in mind is "tashkiil de dii", i.e "Gave (it) a shape" or "formed it". A full sentence would be much more helpful.
  3. teaboy Senior Member

    Yes! That is it! Because it is in a pretty headline, the calligraphy has the دے and the دی joining, thus I did not recognize it for what it is! Thanks, QP!

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