Urdu: تلے بیتھے تھے


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In the following text, what does ‘tule baiThe the’ mean?

تو ذکر یہ تھا کہ عسکری صاحب پاکستان زندہ باد کا نعرہ لگانے کے لیے

تلے بیٹھے تھے۔
  • Qureshpor

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    He was bent on shouting out the slogan, "Pakistan Zindahbaad".

    He was straining to shout out....


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    A good contribution to the topic of a similar phrase (without "baiThe". BTW, there is a typo in this word in the title):
    Assuming I'm reading correctly (wo naukri chhoRne par tulii huii thii), both the translations you proposed in the original post seem fine to me. Other slightly more colloquial options could be:
    • She was hell-bent on quitting her job.
    • She had made up her mind to quit her job.
    • She seemed set on quitting her job.
    Probably the "hell-bent" option is the one that seems to most closely match usage of the phrase tulaa huaa in my experience.


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    Thank you marrish SaaHib. "hell-bent" would probably be too strong for this particular context.

    As for your other point...

    ایک نقطے میں کیا رکھا ہے؟ سوائے محرم سے مجرم۔:)