Urdu: حبیبِ حزیں / حبیبِ حزین

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The song "تاجدارِ حرم ہو", in whatever of its versions, is a qawwali that consists in celebration and anticipation of the Muslim travel to Medina.
Much of the song consists of epithets to the prophet Muhammad, in a variety of languages and dialects (Urdu, Bhojpuri, Persian, Arabic ...)
One of the epithets is "habib-e-haziin"; I have found it spelled both with final noon, or with final noon-gunnah.
"Habib" is of course Arabic, but, what does the phrase mean?
Is it the Indic haziin (divine, beautiful), or haziiN (sad, sorrowful)?
Is it something like "beloved of the divine" or "favorite of the afflicted"?
Is it a known epithet of the prophet Muhammad?
Or is it re ferring to "the sorrowful friends" he is supposed to glance, rather than to the prophet himself?

Here is the full stanza for context

آپ کے در سے کوئی نہ خالی گیا
اپنے دامن کو بھر کے سوالی گیا
ہو حبیبِ حزین پر بھی آقا نظر
ورنہ اوراقِ ہستی بکھر جائیں گے​
Thanks in advance for any information
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    Actually, it has to be حزیں , working as a noun. It is not a title.
    Something like "the beloved afflicted".
    Ho, Master, a glance upon the beloved afflicted!

    This lyrics page, although the spelling would be incorrect according to my translation, conveys the idea pretty well, I think.
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