Urdu: دید وا دید


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Dear Foreros,

I was interested to know the full gamut of denotations behind the Persian term which is used at least in Urdu literature if not everyday speech in deed waa deed/deed o deed/ deed aa deed. From what I have hitherto understood it holds several denotations
1. one of which is to meet face to face or eye to eye I.e. seeing someone/milnaa.
2. Another appears to be to mutually gaze amorously.
3. A third means to check someone out or stare surreptiously I.e. Taak-jhaaNk which as far as I am aware means to peep and stare unbeknownst to the other.
4. It could also mean to browse something or scan through it from head to toe I.e. repeated/fixated gaze similar to dekhaa dekhii. For instance window-shopping and browsing can be referred to as dekhaa-dekhii karnaa since it can refer to one fixating their gaze towards objects or otherwise, the same appears to be the case for deed o/aa/waa deed.

Examples and guidance would as always be much appreciated.

Forever indebted,
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