Urdu: سرسر sarsar

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I'd like to ask what the word سرسر/Sarsar means in Urdu. It is one of the storm names in the north Indian Ocean submitted by Pakistan, along with Gulab, Asna, Sahab, Afshan, Manahil, Shujana, Parwaz, Zannata, Badban, Sarrab, Gulnar and Waseq.

I suppose that it is actually a personal name, but is there any further, intrinsic meaning? I've searched it on some dictionaries. Some says that it means 'very graceful' while some says it means 'the sound of snakes moving', so I'm not sure if they refer to the same word.

Thank you in advance.
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    According to the dictionaries, and in addition the snake crawling sound, it seems to mean generally, "any rustling, creeping sound or sensation", or "anything moving fast"

    It can be used as a feminine noun, as an adverb, or in several verbal expressions conveying the idea or things going off, flowing, stinging, being excited, etc.

    Also, there is a Sarsar - Wiktionary in Arabic, referring specifically to winds, but it is spelled differently.

    I don't speak Urdu. Some actual speaker can be more precise.
    (And I have no idea if it is also a proper noun).
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