Urdu: سوئے اتفاق سے


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Friends, the following sentence begins with سوئے اتفاق سے . But the meaning seems to me to be the same as اتفاق سے. Of course there must be a nuance that I am missing here. Could you please clarify:

سوئے اتفاق سے اس رات نیوز اڈیٹر ابرار صدیقی چھٹی پر تھے۔

Thanks. :)
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    This is the case where the meaning of "suu-e-ittifaaq se" is not at all similar to "ittifaaq se".

    In your idiom, the main element of the compound suu-e-ittifaaq is suu, whilst in the expression "ittifaaq se" the noun is ittifaaq.

    suu here is an Arabic noun which has a definition in Platts:

    6) سو sū (p. 690) A سو (for sūʼuṉ, v.n. fr. سوأ 'to be evil,' &c.) , s.m. Evilness, badness, foulness, unseemliness (used, in Urdū, only in comp.): — sū-ě-adabī, s.f. Disrespect: — sūʼ-ě-haẓmī, Badness of digestion, indigestion.

    suu-e-ittifaaq means "badness of circumstances/fortune"

    suu-ittifaaq se – by bad coincidence, out of misfortune etc. (= bad-ittifaaqii se)

    Thus, suu-e-ittifaaq se means 'unfortunately', while ittifaaq se 'incidentally'.


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    You're most welcome Gope SaaHib, as ever. It's fun to address a good question about an issue of likely confusion.
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