Urdu: سچّی مچی


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Please, what is the meaning of "mucii" in "saccii mucii"?
(I don't know if this thread is relevant)

It appears in the Coke Studio song "Ram Pam" and it is translated as "I really mean it". It is some sort of counselor advising a young woman about her loving feelings.

کروں بات میں سچّی مچی
تیری یاری بڑی ہے پکّی
The 2 words seem to appear together quite often on the Internet. It might be an expression, and I am not sure it is really Urdu.
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    I usually hear this with a geminate ch as in mucchii (مچّی), and सच्ची मुच्ची seems to be the more common Devanagari spelling. In any case, I think it's just a nonsense reduplicative following sacchii so it's best to take the two words together as a fixed expression. It's usually either a feminine adjective (as in the bit you've quoted, where it's modifying baat), or an adverb. Occasionally you might also parse it as a noun if you run into something like sacchii muchii kaa X, or sacchii muchii meN. Non-feminine adjective forms (eg, sacchaa mucchaa) are rarer, but probably only because baat is the most common noun one would modify with this adjective. In any case, it's sort of an emphatic real/really, actual/actually, etc.

    The variant sach much shows up in Platts. To me, sacchii mucchii sounds a bit more childlike/playful/colloquial than sach much.
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