URDU: محلِ اعتبار

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    کسی خاص شخس یا واقعہ سے اس آیت کو مخصوص کر دینا محلِ اعتبار نہ ہوگا

    Dear all,
    This is a line referring to the Quran and whether verses (ayat) were revealed due to specific circumstances (Shaan i Nuzool). However, I'm not sure what he means exactly with this sentence. Thank you for your help
  2. Qureshpor Senior Member

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    To associate this verse to a particular person or incident is not plausible.

    maHal = place/occasion
    i3tibaar = credence
  3. jacobius1986 Member

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    Thank you.

    So specifically, does 'maHal e i3tibaar' mean plausible? A phrase that might literally translate as 'Occasion of credence'? Or have I misunderstood this?
  4. Qureshpor Senior Member

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    Let's wait to see what others say but to my mind "plausible" seems the best fit.

    maHal-i-i3tibaar = place/occasion for credence.

    With a negative..not credible, not plausible.
  5. marrish

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    jacobius and QP SaaHibaan, I'd like to share my views on this issue, but before I can do it, I really need still more context, possibly the preceding and the next sentence. As soon as you post it I shall come back with the explanation.
  6. marrish

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    It is demotivating that my request for more context has not been taken into consideration - I have a feeling I've waisted my time on this issue. From now on I'm not going to respond to this kind of questions where the original poster doesn't care to formulate his question in a proper manner, taking all the responses for granted.

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