Urdu: موثر قانون سازی

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  1. teaboy Senior Member

    Would someone please explain the saazi in this:

    صحت کےشعبے میں موثر قانون سازی کا نہ ہونا
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    قانون سازی = law making/legislation
  3. marrish

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    اُردو Urdu

    It is a good question. saazii سازی constitutes mostly the second part of some compound words, giving them a sense of

    ''bringing into effect''
    ''making, preparation''

    In this case, the whole compound word is:

    قانون سازی
    qaanuun-saazii = legislation

    Some other compound words with سازی:

    نا سازی naa-saazii (indisposition)
    جعل سازی ja3l-saazii (falsification)
    چارہ سازی chaarah-saazii (arranging for a (provisional) remedy)

    Could you try to translate the whole phrase now?
  4. teaboy Senior Member

    I would say..."the absence (lack, nonexistence) of effective legislation in the department (field) of health."

    Thank you for the explanation of saazii!
  5. marrish

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    اُردو Urdu
    You're welcome. It's just perfect! A hint: I´d go for ´efficient´, however ´effective´ is also good.

    There is also a correction I´d like to mention, not of the translated phrase which is great but of the original one in Urdu script:

    the word موثر should be written with a hamzah on waa'o: مُؤثـّـِر with vocalization and مؤثر without it. I suppose it is probably difficult to type out.


    I'll transliterate the phrase for the sake of those who might be having difficulty with the Urdu script:

    siHHat ke shu3be meN mu2assir qaanuun-saazii kaa nah honaa.
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