Urdu: ناصر حضرات


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Intizar Husain begins the preface to his book ‘dilli tha jiska naam’ with this sentence:

ناصر حضرات اپنے فکشن نگاروں سے بالعموم بکاو نوول لکھنے کی فرمائش کیا کرتے ہیں اور اس میں دونوں ہی کا بھلا ہوتا ہے۔

What exactly is the meaning of ناصر حضرات ?
Thanks :)
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    If there is no typo, ناصر is not just a name.

    A ناصر nāṣir (act. part. of نصر 'to aid,' &c.), s.m. Defender, assistant, helper, deliverer, ally.

    The meaning is similar to:

    A حامي ḥāmī (act. part. n. of حمي 'to protect,' &c.), s.m. Protector, defender; supporter, patron;

    So, ناصر حضرات could be thought in terms of "patrons".

    Patrons generally request their fiction writers to write novels that sell and in this there is a gain for both (the writers and the readers).


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    QP SaaHib, since there's no mention of the readers, so "both" should normally refer to the two aforementioned actors: ''patrons'' ( only in case there's no typo, as you are rightly pointing out) and writers - both earn their bread when their novels are saleable. On the other hand, some readers can find it detrimental because the writers' talent not always comes to its right in بِکاؤُ bikaa'uu novels.


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    I heard the sentence read by the narrator of the audiobook dilli jiska naam thaa, and transcribed what I heard. After QP SaaHib’s perceptive warning about a possible typo I heard the narrative again and found he was right: it is ناشر حضرات. The meaning is unambiguous. Marrish SaaHib’s logic too is correct. My apologies to both friends.:D
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