Urdu: چنی، چنڑی

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    My Urdu speaking friends seem to only use the word دوپٹا, whereas I am more accustomed to hearing both دوپٹا or چنی. Is the word چنی common in Pakistan or is it a "filmi" sounding word like "jījā"?
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    PG Jii, My understanding is that "chunrii" as opposed to "chunnii" is the Urdu word, in addition to dopaTTaa.

    We Punjabis are cursed with a misapprehension (on occasions) that a certain word is Punjabi only when in reality both languages use the same common word. In this case, if your Urdu speaking friends are from Punjabi background, they could have similar thoughts in their minds even though chunnii and chunrii are not exact equivalents. An example of what I am alluding to is the word "chhole" (green grams in the pod) which I always thought was unique to Punjabi, until I was enlightened with the correct information!

    For Punjabi "chunnii", there is a well known Zubaida Khanum song.."merii chunnii diyaaN reshamii tandaaN", which you might have heard.
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    The famous Pakistani film song from the film Jatti (jaTTii) has the subject "chunnii" in the first line of the song.

    merii chunnii diyaaN reshamii tandaaN
    ve maiN k_huT k_huT denii aaN ghanDaaN
    ke channaaN terii yaad nah p_hulle

    mere saaNvaaN naal aaviiN jaaviiN
    merii palkaaN dii laaj nibhaaviiN
    ke akhiyaaN choN niir nah Dulle

    (merii chunnii kii haiN reshamii tanteN*
    jin ko maiN kas kas ke detii huuN gaaNTheN
    kih mere chaaNd, terii yaad nah bhuule

    merii saansoN saath aanaa jaanaa
    aur merii palkoN kii laaj nibhaanaa
    taa kih aaNkhoN se niir nah Dulle**)

    Another common word for chunnii/dopaTTaa that I have heard inthe Punjab is "chiilaa".

    * It seems "tant" is the exact equivalent of "tand" (thread) according to Platts

    ** I've used "Dulle" to keep the rhyme. I am not sure if there is an intransitive verb for "unDelnaa".

    The song, by zubaida Khanum, can be found on YT under Jatti - Zubeda Khanam - Meri Chunni diyan Reshmi (OriginaL)
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