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The past tense forms of karnaa include kiyaa (masculine) & kii (feminine). But I'm surprised that some native Urdu speakers say karaa & karii instead! Is this the influence of another language or dialect or simply poor Urdu?
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    I think it could be regional influence, poor Urdu and even poorer education!


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    It is definitely not standard Urdu. It is very possible that this is influenced by dialects or other languages. There was a discussion about it in the forum so please look for it and get back with a link as I can't remember now when and where it was.


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    We did this here! Although karaa / karii are not we would ever opt for but they are used by Urduphones and as mentioned in the linked thread, became accepted as an alternative before / around the time Platts wrote his "Grammar of Hindustani or Urdu Language" at the end of the 19th century.