Urdu: ہے اہل دل کے لئے اب یہ نظم بست و کشاد

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  1. lafz_puchnevala Senior Member

    है अहल-ए-दिल के लिए अब ये नज़्म-ए-बस्त-ओ-कुशाद.
    कि संग-ओ-खिश्त मुक़य्यद हैं और संग आज़ाद.
    - फैज़ अहमद फैज़

    hai ahl-e-dil ke liye ab ye nazm-e-bast-o-kushaad
    ki sang-o-Khisht muqayyad hai.n aur sang aazaad
    - Faiz Ahmed Faiz

    Do help in giving the meanings of the underlined words.

  2. Alfaaz Senior Member

    Faiz Ahmad Faiz has been and is known as an Urdu poet not only to Urdu speakers or Hindi speakers, but also people of other languages. The original Urdu was transliterated into Hindi script for readers ease.
    The correct شعر /sha'ir seems to be:

    ہے اہل دل کے لئے اب یہ نظم بسط و کشاد
    کہ سنگ و خشت مقیّد ہیں اور سگ آزاد

    Hai Ahl-E-Dil Ke Liye Ab Ye Nazm-E-Bast-O-Kushaad
    Keh Sang-O-Khisht Muqayyad Hain Aur Sag Aazaad

    For heart possessors there is now this (poetry/preparation/verse) of (diffusiveness/vastness) and (expansion/spaciousness/cheerfulness)
    that stones and bricks are (trapped/imprisoned) and (dogs/wrongdoers) are free
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  3. BP. Senior Member

    Allow me to point a spelling mistake. It should be bast oo kushaad - بست و کشاد - opening and closing - not بسط و کشاد.

    An unlikely hypothesis, but I wonder if the poet is referring to systole-diastole of the dil when he uses bast oo kushaad of the ahl ee dil.
  4. Alfaaz Senior Member

    Thanks for the correction! I wasn't sure about this, didn't have access to a printed version, and the online versions often have spelling errors or different wording altogether...and therefore was waiting for other Urdu speaking forum members to respond/translate this question, but no one translated...so thought about guessing;

    Thanks for the detailed response and explanation!:) It makes much more sense now! Interesting combination of science and art...!
  5. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    hai ahl-i-dil ke liye ab yih nazm-i-bast-o-kushaad
    kih saNg-o-xisht muqayyad haiN aur sag aazaad

    There is now a system for lovers from the powers that be
    Locked away are stones and bricks but dogs are set free
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