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    aaNjahaanii is used in Urdu to refer (with respects) to a non-Muslim deceased person, as opposed to the more commonly heard marHuum used for deceased Muslims.

    I'd like to know what the word literally means and how is it made up.
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    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    aan = us (Please refer to Alfaaz SaaHib's post 3uryaaN/fulaaN regarding nuun > nuun-i-Ghunnah)

    jahaanii = janaan vaalaa

    aaN-jahaanii = us jahaan vaalaa (ya3nii vuh shaxs jo ab duusre jahaaN kaa ho gayaa hai)

    Compare this with "shaah-i-jahaaniyaan"

    jahaan vaaloN kaa baadshaah = God

    (I know of a village in the Punjab called "Shah JahaaniyaaN", where as you can see, the izaafat is missing but understood.
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    Interesting. Thank you QP saahab. Much appreciated.
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    Yes! The word is entirely a Persian construct and the aaN in the aaNjahaanii is the same as in آنحضرت aaN-HaDhrat. The nuun here too is Ghunnah but as it is in the middle of the word, not the end, we need to put a dot. However, the pronunciation is clearly known to be a nasalized (Ghunnah) nuun.

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