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    What is the word for "arm" in Urdu? Yesterday I was talking with a Pakistani girl who mentioned she had heard others call it "bazoo", and said she didn´t understand the word at first because it was a Punjabi word. She also mentioned that this was used for the lower part of the arm.. She mentioned another word for arm in Urdu, which I believe started with the letter "a"? Later I talked to another Pakistani person saying that she was wrong, and that "bazoo" is in fact Urdu. Any takes on this?
  2. tonyspeed Senior Member

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    H باجو बाजू bājū (P. bāzū, S. बाहु], s.m. Arm; ornament worn on the arm, armlet; fold of a door; door-post, side-frame of a door, &c. (see bāzū):—bājū-bandh, bājū-band, s.m. Armlet (=bāzū-band).

    H هاتهہ हाथ hāth [Prk. हत्थो; S. हस्तः], s.m. The hand; arm;—

    Both are Urdu. One small thing to notice is baazuu is arm and haath is arm or hand.
  3. hindiurdu Senior Member

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    Baazuu is the correct and prevalent word. I believe that the Sanskrit bahuu and bhujaa and the Persian baazuu are Indo-Iranian cognates, ie the same ancestral word expressed two different ways. My understanding is that baajuu is an Eastern Hindi and Bambaiyyaa expression.
  4. ihsaan Senior Member

    Okay, thank you so much both of you!

    Edit: Besides baazuu and hath, are the other words in Urdu that can be used (common words or uncommon ones)?
  5. Alfaaz Senior Member

    List of some more words used in Urdu:
    Shoulder: شانہ , کندھا/کاندھا , دوش
    Armpit: بغل
    Arm (from shoulder to elbow): بانہہ , بازو
    Elbow: کہنی , مرفق
    Forearm (from elbow to hand): ذراع , ساعد , کلائی (from elbow to the tip of the middle finger)
    Wrist: معصم
    Hand: ہاتھ , ید, دست
    Palm: کف
    Finger: انگلی , انگشت , اصبع

    Hopefully, all of them are correctly labeled/grouped! If there are any mistakes, corrections would be appreciated.
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  6. marrish

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    اُردو Urdu
    ^ baaNh and baazuu are perfectly OK and common. (I believe the rest falls out of the scope of this thread, but I'm used to کوہنی kohnii for elbow' and interestingly, 'wrist' is normally kalaa'ii and 'palm' hathelii).
  7. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو

    ulfat kii na'ii manzil ko chalaa
    tuu Daal ke baaNheN baaNhoN meN
    dil toRne vaale dekh ke chal
    ham bhii to paRe haiN raahoN meN!

    Qateel Shifaa'ii

    niiNd us kii hai dimaaGh us kaa hai raateN us kii haiN
    terii zulfeN jis ke baazuu par pareshaaN ho ga'iiN


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  8. marrish

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    Well, baajuu is not Urdu; I haven't ever heard it in Urdu. It's baazuu, as others have said.
  9. tonyspeed Senior Member

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    achchaa....bajuu ko nahiiN samajhte haiN...THiik hai. mere ko pata bhii nahiiNthaa ki itnaa CHoTaa-saa fark aap ko pareshan kar saktaa...zabaan judaa kar saktaa..

    P بازو बाज़ू bāzū, vulg. bājū [Pehl. bājāi; Zend, bāzu, S. बाहु], Arm, upper arm; shoulder; wing (of a bird, &c.); flank (of an army, &c.); side frame of a door, door-post; fold of a door; side of a bedstead; (fig.) supporter, second, companion, friend, brother; an armlet (=bāzū-band, q.v.); one who repeats the chorus of the mars̤iya or elegy on Hasan and Husain; accompanier or second in a song:—bāzū-band, s.m. Ornament worn on the arm, armlet; bracelet:—bāzū denā (-ko), To lend a helping hand, to help, support, aid (=bāṅh denā).
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  10. marrish

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    bha'ii samajhne nah samajhne kii to yih baat hii nahiiN hai balkih sirf durust ma3luumaat kii baat hai; is chhoTe-se farq kaa aap ko bhii pataa hai aur mujhe bhii magar ho saktaa hai is thread ko paRhne waaloN meN se ko'ii ho gaa jise pataa nah ho aur vuh farq pareshaanii kaa sabab bane gaa. zabaan alag thalag karne kii baat kyoN, yih ek siidhii sii baat hai kih Urdu meN ''baazuu'' hai, ''baajuu'' nahiiN. haaN is farq ko chhooR kar aap kaa jawaab saraasar durust hai!
  11. ihsaan Senior Member

    Wow, this forum is great. A big "thank you" to all of you!

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