Urdu: aur saath Sanobar ke ??? uuNche peRoN kaa DeRaa thaa


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I'm looking at Miraji's translation of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Lake." It's on Rekhta (p. 1013 of the e-reader's numbering), but the part I'd like to ask about here is in the attached image. I think that the second line of the image reads:

aur saath Sanobar ke ??? uuNche peRoN kaa Deraa thaa

The word marked ??? looks to me like it says malbe, but that makes very little sense (Poe's original talks about towering pine trees, so pine tree rubble seems completely opposite). Could it be a scribe error for lambe? Or maybe it's something else entirely?


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  • Alfaaz

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    It is لمبے. (In handwritten pieces or even some computer fonts, a letter may sometimes be written/appear more towards the right than the preceding letter.)