Urdu: aurat

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  • roh3x2n

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    I think Aurat is persian which means a part of body of a woman.
    And this might have been take as woman in Urdu.


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    "Aurat" means "woman" in Pashto. However, this is a regional word, as in most places the word for woman is "xiza" (Khiza).


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    Persian - Iran
    Aurat (عورت) is an Arabic loanword and has three meanings: privy parts (sex organs); woman; nudity


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    English, Gujarati & Urdu
    Like panjabigator, I have only known this word to mean "woman", nothing else. For wife I would use "biiwii" and for nudity, I would say something like "nangii haalat" (lit. "naked state") (nangi means "naked" or "naked woman")

    Alijsh, which Arabic word does aurat come from?


    Arabic (Egypt).
    Linguist, Arabic عار means naked,also disgrace.
    There's a difference between the two words: naked "3aari" عارٍ (عاري) while disgrace is "3aar" عار (عارٌ) . It's one letter, but big difference :)
    Even the sound of the vowel "a" ا is a bit different between the two words.
    The "a" in 3aari (naked) is a bit like the "a" in the English word "man".
    The "a" in 3aar (disgrace) is a bit like the "a" in "March".
    I could be pronouncing the two English words wrong, but I hope I could at least show that there's a difference between the two words.

    Would the Arabicعورة 3awra have any connection with the Urdu aurat? It's used in the Qur'an.
    I guess so.
    The word 3awra has different meanings in the Qur'an, and in Arabic speech in general.
    It means, as Alijh said : private parts, woman (not used in this meaning any more in MSA), and vulnerable or lacking defense (إن بيوتنا عورة) .
    عورة=shame in the Qur'an body parts to be hidden,covered.
    عورة doesn't mean shame. It refers to the private parts, to what needs/should be covered and protected.
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