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  1. lcfatima Senior Member

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    Can someone give more detail about the particular distinctions of these words describing negative smells/scents in foods. Are there any that can only be used for food?:




  2. Qureshpor Senior Member

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    Firstly, some words for smell, just as in English, imply bad smell.

    e.g. gandh, buu/gand

    However, I do not believe "shamm", "shamiim" and "raa'iHah" although a lot less common, carry this negative connotation.

    sugandh, suundh
    , Khushbuu

    The above, as we all know, mean good smell, fragrance.

    mahak is usually used for fragrance of flowers but it is used for food too, I think.

    Now for some more ...

    ubas, baas

    (smell of raw meat/fishy smell)
    chiraand (smell of burning leather, hair, fish or bones)
    kharaand (offensive smell/burnt taste)
    hiraand (tang of ceramics/ of half cooked food)
    kachaahand (smell of unripeness)

    There is of course the adjective bhiinii bhiinii to describe a pleasant smell.
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  3. panjabigator

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    Anyway we can extend this to Punjabi, so that I might ask for equivalents?

  4. marrish

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    In my childhood we used to say that the sheep's meat gave a characteristic smell to the dish, but I can't recall it precisely. It was something like ''hiiNk''. Is someone familiar with this word and if possible, is there an English equivalent to it?
  5. Qureshpor Senior Member

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    The nearest word that I can see is "hiik", but I can't see any connecton with sheep.

    H هيكहीक hīk [prob. fr. S. हिंकृ], s.f. Sickness at stomach, nausea, qualm;—disgust;—a bad smell; a bad taste or flavour (perhaps, as causing nausea or disgust):—hīk ānā (-se), or hīk mārnā, To smell offensive.
  6. marrish

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    You have solved yet another mystery, this time my private one. It appears that we used to nasalize the vowel, as per the etymological information in the entry you have quoted. I'm sure it is the word I asked for. Thank you, I did some search before starting this thread but I was somehow unable to reach where you have reached! I thought it was related to hiiNg, asafoetida. :)
  7. tonyspeed Senior Member

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    goat more so than sheep.
  8. marrish

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    Applies as well, tonyspeed, but depends perhaps upon the taste and the preparation! Thanks for widening the thread's scope.
  9. UrduMedium

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    Definitely hiik for me. And yes it applies to lamb meat as well as hiiNg.
  10. lcfatima Senior Member

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    We had this word mentioned in this thread.

    Incidentally, I had also learned this word aurally as hiiNk but discovered it was actually written as hiik when I looked in the dictionary.

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