Urdu: bas ho chukii namaaz, musallaa uThaa'iye!

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... I think, it will be fair to say that aevynn's example, "na meraa yahaaN rahne kaa man hai, na teraa. to chaliye, kahiiN aur chaleN", has different acceptability among different speakers. I hope more people would provide their judgement on its acceptability. Then we would be better-positioned to form an idea what (socio-linguistic) factors affect that judgement. [I'd speculate a-priori: strong familiarity with classical Urdu literature or lack thereof.]
It would have raised my eyebrows earlier, but after having read the thread, it seems acceptable to me. Socio-linguistic background: western UP, Hindi, middle class, not much exposure to both Urdu and Hindi literature.
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    Panjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    Thank you, Qureshpor jii, for all the poetry shared by you. Apart from their poetic excellence, they also further confirm our previous agreement that "-iye" can function as first person plural in literary Urdu.
    Thank you. Unfortunately, all literary examples have been from Urdu while nothing has been cited by anyone from Hindi perspective. This leaves me to wonder if this usage is restricted to Urdu only.
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