Urdu [Braj?]: chainaaN, nainaaN, rainaaN


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What are the -aaN endings in the following stanza?
It belongs to the new song by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in Coke Studio, "Dil Tarpe" [Youtube: TJULc6dOmwQ]
I transcribe it with the translation given, which doesn't seem too literal:

نیند نہیں نیناں
My eyes know no sleep
آوے نہ چیناں
My heart knows no peace
ریناں کٹے نہیں ساجنا ترے بنا
The nights are impossible to get through without you, my sweet beloved

Are they Persian plural suffixes with nuun gunnah instead of full nuun? (chainaaN in plural seems strange)
Are they in oblique case, as in "no sleep for my eyes", etc?

Thanks in advance for any help.

[EDIT: could they be diminutives? There is an aa(N)khiyaaN earlier in the song, that one I know]

[EDIT2: Latin transliteration]

niiNd nahiiN nainaaN
aave na(h) chainaaN
rainaaN kaTe nahiiN saajanaa tire bina
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    Thanks, now I get it.

    They put "My eyes know no sleep" simply because they are making a line-by-line translation and they had to use something that made sense (the singer repeats each line a lot before passing to the next). But the full sentence would be comprised of the 1st two verses:

    Neither sleep
    nor peace, come to my (dear) eyes.
    Night(s) pass(es) with difficulty without you, beloved