Urdu: Check in and Check out

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Dear Foreros,

Besides obviously saying just check in and check out how would you refer to the terms in Urdu. My humble attempt to do so would be as follows and I have found it to be quite nifty not knowing any existing alternatives:

daaxilah-darj honaa/karnaa/karwaanaa I.e. to have your admittance logged in and entered.

xaarijah darj honaa/karnaa/karwaanaa I.e. To have your exit or in a very literal sense exclusion be entered in the existing database.

Whilst the check-in Desk can simply be referred to as the Daaxil au xaarij OR daaxil-xaarij maktab/Daisk.

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  • marrish

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    The context given is not specific but assuming it's a hotel situation, check-in can be just simply kamraa le lenaa کمرا لے لینا and check-out چابی واپس دینا chaabii waapas denaa. Otherwise, -> the English words are the words to use.
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