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    This thread started here.

    Apart from the valuable contributions above, here are some more suggestions:

    There is a thread for each of these terms here, here, here and here.

    Depending on the context, any of these may be used for content in Urdu:

    محتویات muHtawiyaat / مضامین مافیہ maDhaamiine maa fiihii / متن matn

    محتویات \ مضامین مافیہ \ متن كی حفاظت

    muHtawiyaat / maDhaamiine maa fiihii / matn kii HifaaDhat
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  2. Thanks for your help )).
    Faylasoof, "content" here means all the data that is sent by cable operators to the subscribers' TV-sets. Content protection means encoding all the content before sending and decoding it when it reaches the user.
    How would you call content protection if you spoke about computer programs? This case is quite similar so the word could be the same.
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    Yes, you are right, Scyl_la! It is the same word! So you can say the same expression as above:

    محتویات كی حفاظت

    muHtawiyaat kii HifaaDhat

    Or, you can use the ezafah construction:

    تحفظ ِ محتویات ta7affuz e mu7tawiyaat = content(s) protection.

    محتویات muHtawiyaat can be used to refer to any content(s). So you can use it for contents of computer programs too.

    "protection of computer program content(s)"

    کمپیوٹر \ حاسبے كے پروگرام \ برنامے كے محتویات كا تحفظ \ كی حفاظت
    kampiuuTar / 7aasibe ke prograam / bar name ke mu7tawiyaat ka ta7affuz / kii 7ifaazat

    حفاظت \ تحفظ ِ محتویات ِ برنامہ ِ حاسب \ کمپیوٹر
    7ifaazat e / ta7affuz e mu7tawiyaat e bar naama e 7aasib / kampiuuTar

    I prefer the second as it is more compact!

    You'll notice we use the plural form! True even when the English word (content) is in the singular.

    BTW, the Urdu and Hindi words for a
    computer are in this thread.
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  4. BP. Senior Member

    Now would be a good time to ask you the breakdown and derivatives/related words of muHtawii-محتوي. So baraadare giraamii now that you've taught us a new word, tell us a little more about it.

    I'd be grateful.
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    baraadar e 'aziiz,

    As you rightly put it,
    محتویات is related to محتوي . The latter is the singular, as I'm sure you know of the former. محتوي itself is derived from the Arabic احتوا = to accumulate, comprise, contain. We always seem to use the plural form, محتویات , not matter what. Apart from content it can also mean ingredients.
  6. BP. Senior Member

    Thank you indeed.

    I guess there would be a related word for container, carrier/vehicle/vector. Ideas?
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    It seems that whilst in farsi the only form of programme which is acceptable is barnameh and in Dari Barnama, in Urdu both are used as a matter of convenience and choice. The lattermore so because of the confusion any word ending with an 'eh' sound can give off in Urdu for being plural rather than singular. However, I would be interested to know if your example above is a typo or is appreciative of the incorporation of both in Urdu.

    Besides that what are the alternative ways of saying the contents of something as well as labelling the Contents page of a book in Urdu?

    I.e. Spinich has a large iron content.
    Please remove the contents of your hand bag madam . And so on and so forth.

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