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    As in "dil-i-har qatrah hai saaz-i-anal-bahr" by Ghalib. I'm curious if this style of izafat involving "har" or other non-nouns is common. Examples much appreciated.
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    Well, an ezaafat with har we use often enough but its usage by others may depend on their background. The word kul is used similarly to har in your quote ( دلِ ہر قطرہ ہے سازِ انا البحر ) of Mirza SaaHib, e.g.

    ہر مرض كی جڑ ہے \ ہیں ... = سبب ِ كل امراض ہے \ ہیں ...
    ... sabab-e-kul amraaDh hai / haiN = ....har maraDh kii jaR hai / haiN
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    We had an interesting thread on chand with izaafat here. The situation is very similar (chand, har etc.)

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