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  1. iskander e azam Senior Member

    I cannot give the sentence but the word I want is a verb:دو آتشہ کرنا. The dictionaries give it as to re-destill (as in the brewing of alcohol) but as I read it in this book on human sexuality I am thinking it may have an innocent metaphorical meaning such as "cause to melt with emotion" etc.

    All help appreciated.
  2. Faylasoof Senior Member

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    دو آتشہ کرنا = دوہری کشیدکی ہوئی، دو دفعہ کھچی ہوئی، تند، تیز *
    But without more context it is hard to say what the author means. If the sentence is too embarassing to be put on the open forum then please PM it to me (and other Urduphones here after asking them first, of course). We can then try help you better understand what might be happening.

    (* Excuse the odd looking font! At least the computer I'm using now shows the font to appear very strange! )
  3. Qureshpor Senior Member

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    To make doubly fiery/passionate/hot (?)

    From Platts:du-ātasha, adj. Of two fires; double-distilled:—du-ātasha sharāb or sharāb-ě-du-ātasha, s.m. Double-distilled liquor, very strong wine, &c.:—
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  4. marrish

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    ^ It is a good description of the meaning of this word. I also like Platts SaaHib's transcription as 'du', not 'do'.
    To iskander e azam: keeping in mind Faylasoof SaaHib's directions it seems to me that we all are grown ups in here and that linguistic material, no matter how one would think it were to be sensitive, probably culturally, it can be discussed in the public forum like this one, even because the publication you are indulging into has been published already. Please take it for granted that you are not dealing here with a bunch of prudish folks. I have noticed that most of your queries don't meet the criteria of a clear-cut context which leaves us with a sense of helplessness which can be compared to shooting in the dark. I can imagine that you are reluctant to disclose some parts of your book for the reasons mentioned above however in my understanding they are not valid and they make the interaction very difficult indeed. In case the contents need to be censored, we have here a good team of moderators who will take care of it, I believe.
  5. iskander e azam Senior Member

    Having just read marrish SaaHib's post, here goes:

    ان باتوں سے بیوی کے دل میں محبت کا طوفان امنڈ آیا اور شوہر کے محتاط رویہ نے اسے اور دو آتشہ کر دیا
  6. marrish

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    اُردو Urdu
    So you can see the meaning is 'has doubled/increased/strenghteded her arousal'. Other friends might be able to offer a more idiomatic and suggestive expression for this in English. Thank you iskander e azam.
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  7. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    With these words the wife's heart spilled over with emotions of love and her husband’s cautious manner made her even more sexually aroused.

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