Urdu: do munh? دو منہ

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    Friends, I am asking for the meaning and pronunciation of the following bolded word in the context of ladies' hair styling:

    اپنے بالوں کے سروں کو گاہے بگاہے کاٹتی رہیں تاکہ دو منہ نہ بننے پائیں۔

    Remember, I am looking for its meaning in relation to ladies' hair styles not the everyday meaning of 'two-faced', 'duplicitous', etc.

    All help appreciated.


  2. marrish

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    اُردو Urdu
    It's quite the same like the latter sense you yourself recalled, in this context it means schizotrichia (hair damage). The pronunciation is alright, only 'n' should be 'N' - nasalization.
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    Split ends

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