Urdu: email translation

Roi Marphille

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Catalonia, Catalan.
I've received following email and I don't know what does it mean..

"Pia ray Dost (my name)!
As salam o alikum....

Noted & waiting.

Bohat Shukria.. "

May you help me with translation.

  • Josh_

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    U.S., English
    Urdu has many similarities with Persian and Arabic, including the Alphabet system. As such the phrase Assalam Alaikum is the same phrase used in Arabic. It is used as a greeting and literaly means "peace on you."

    Shukria looks a lot like the Arabic word Shukran so it might mean thank you. As for the other words, I don't know.


    Pakistan: Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi
    Pia ray Dost (my name)!: Dear friend
    As salam o alikum.... : Hello

    Noted & waiting.

    Bohat Shukria.. " : Thanks alot
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