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Dear Foreros,

The term that is used for to subscribe in Urdu other than the English subscribe when it concerns channels, magazines and so forth is ishtiraak karnaa. Ishtiraak is also used for this very purpose in Arabic. اشتراک ال ان (excuse the script) would mean subscribe now. However, would the preposition be ko or kaa? Should it be channel kaa or ko ishtiraak kareN if one were being asked to subscribe to a YT channel for instance? Aap axbaar kaa ishtiraak karte haiN yaa ko ishtiraak karte haiN?

What would you call a subscription fee? Could it be ishtiraakii chanda?

What would you call the subscriber?

Could it be ishtiraakii for a male and ishtiraakan for a female? If so ishtiraakaneiN could be the female plural form and ishtiraakiyoN and ishtiraakiaan being potential male pluralisations. He's reached a 1000 subscribers, us ne 1000 ishtiraakii sar/Haasil kar liye haiN or paa/banaa liye haiN.

Let's say an entity is struggling with susbcriptions i.e. the number of people signing on. Netflix for instance doesn't like the fact that people share subscriptions. That could be a mushtarika ishtiraak or baa-hamii ishtiraak i.e shared subscription. Subcription numbers could be ishtiraakii a'dad or ishtiraakii ta'daad.

Raising subscriptions could perhaps be ishtiraak/ishtiraakaat baRhaanaa/kaa izaafa karnaa. An alternative could be ishtiraak-afzaa'ii/afzaa'ish.

As for to subscribe to a viewpoint or opinion that's a whole other kettle of fish. Perhaps yehii raa'e rakhnaa or raa'e kaa maalik/kii maalikan (also pronounced as maalkin and maalkan) honaa.

Perso-phones feel free to write in either script but do breakdown the sentence where you can.

ba-sad shukr,
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