Urdu: Full Stop.


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Dear Foreros,

I was wondering what you call the aforementioned punctuation mark in Urdu. In Arabic the term most often used is nuqta and it can also be used in a manner similar to the English period, where you can end a discussion by using the word nuqta. Now there are two things I am not too sure off which is that a) would nuqta be understood to mean a full stop in Urdu as well? It would appear appropriate but can't say for certain if Urdu-phones would understand it as such. Secondly b) if not which term/terms would be the intelligible alternative, and can they also be used in the figurative sense of bringing an end to an argument or matter?

  • Alfaaz

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    Relevant list in Urdu Lughat:
    • ختمہ - period
    • سکتہ - comma
    • وقفہ - semicolon
    • رابطہ - colon
    • قوسین - parentheses
    • سوالیہ (علامت/نشان) - question mark
    • وغیرہ - etc.
    نقطہ is also used for period.