Urdu, Hindi: کے جیسا / के जैसा


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Is کے جیسا / के जैसा . the same as just جیسا / जैसा ?

For example, in
سلگتی دھوپ میں گھاؤں کے جیسا
راگستان میں گنو کے جیسا
(تھا وہ)

सुलगती धूप में छाओं के जैसा
रेगिस्तान में गाँव के जैसा
(था वह)

(He was)
like a shade in the burning sun
like a village in the desert

I am told that originally, jaisaa was verbal in nature, and that that ke might be an old absolutive mark.
In any case, are both expressions equivalent?
Thanks in advance.
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