Urdu/Hindi: लगना لگنا Lagna verb grammar and idiomatic usage

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I would appreciate if we can have this thread dedicated to the grammatical issues and idiomatic usage of the very usefull verb in Urdu/Hindi (लगना لگنا Lagna ).
Your contributions are highly appreciated.
I am sure wordereference members have a lot to enrich this thread.
Thansk in advance
  • Faylasoof

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    Well, the use of lagnaa are very many! Do you have a specific point?

    We use lagnaa for things physical as well as abstract, e.g. zaxm lagnaa (to get wounded / be injured), bhook lagnaa ( to be hungry), piyaas lagnaa ( to be thirsty), dil lagnaa (to be interested / have the heart [dil] to do something, be infatuated .. and so on), damaagh lagnaa (to be mentally involved in some activity / to be specially suited mentally for something) etc. etc.

    Subhash Kumar

    Well, one use of this is as a supportive verb as in
    बरसात होने लगी Barsaat hone lagee. It started raining
    वोह आने लगा Woh aane lagaa. He started coming
    मौसम बदलने लगा Mausam badalne lagaa. Season started changing
    In these examples, the meaning of lagnaa is "started" in English.
    Other than that, it could also have these usage.

    kyaa Lag rahe ho - You are looking great. (Appearance)
    mujhe aisaa lagtaa hai - So it seems to me. (Appear)
    ismein ek ghantaa lagegaa - It will take one hour. (Indicates a stretch of time)
    man lagaa kar padho - Pay attention to your study. (Involve)
    dwaar kee kundee lagaao - Latch the door (Close)

    Some of the ones that came quickly to the mind.
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    लगना अ. [सं.लग्न] 1.एक पदार्थ के तल या पार्श्व का दूसरे पदार्थ के तल या पार्श्व के साथ आंशिक अथवा पूर्ण रूप से मिलना या सटना। संलग्न होना। सटना। जैसे-(क) किताब की जिल्द पर कपड़ा या कागज लगना। (ख) दीवार पर तसवीरें लगना। (ग) किसी के गले (या पैरों ) लगना। 2.एक चीज का दूसरी चीज (पर या में) जडा,जोड़ा,टाँका बैठाया रखा या सटाया जाना। जैसे-(क)लिफाके पर टिकट,तसवीर में चौखटा या साड़ी में गोटा लगना। (ख)दीवार में खिड़की या दरवाजा लगना। (ग) मकान में नल या बिजली लगना। (घ) दरवाजे में कुंडी लगना। 3.किसी चीज का उपयोग में आने के लिए यथा स्थान आकर जमना,बैठना या स्थित होना। जैसे-नाव में पाल लगना,बाँश में झंडी लगना। 4.किसी तल पर किसी गाढ़े तरल पदार्थ का लेप आदि के रूप में अथवा यों ही जमाया या पोता जाना। जैसे-पैरों में महावर लगना,दीवारों पर पलस्तर या रंग लगना,चीजों पर निशान लगना,माथे पर तिलक लगना,कपड़ों में कीचड़ लगना।.
    Source: http://pustak.org/bs/home.php?mean=68493
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    Some more uses of lagnaa in the form of categories, for ease of learning.

    I haven’t read all that Bakshink has (comprehensively) presented as I had already prepared this so there may be some duplication.

    Also, as some people can’t read Hindi and others can’t read Urdu, I decided to give everything in romanised form.

    (Excuses for any typos / errors! Please let me know if you see any.)

    - to join / enjoin (saathh lagnaa)
    woh unke saathh lag gayaa
    He joined them

    - to resemble ( kisii ke ayse lagnaa = mushaabih honaa )
    yeh usii / unhii ke aysaa lagtaa hai
    He resembles him a lot

    - to have a mind to do something (kisii chiiz par dhehn [ zehn] lagnaa)
    uskaa dhehn (zehn
    ذِہْن) is par lagaa hai
    He is set upon / his mind is set upon this

    to have / give a burning sensation (kisii chiiz kaa lagnaa = jalan hona)
    Saabun aa.nkh mei.n lagtaa hai
    Soap gives a burning sensation in the eye

    to be installed / fixed / attached (lagaa hona = jaRaa hona = fixed; lagaanaa = jaRnaa = to fix / attach; lagaanaa = install)
    diiwaar par taxtii lagii hai
    The plaque is fixed to the wall

    kampeuTar par yeh prograam / barnaamah lagaa hai
    This program is installed on the computer

    to bear relation to something (kisii ko kisii kaa lagnaa = kisii se rishtehdaarii honaa)
    yeh shaxs / Sahab unke chachaa lagte hai.n
    This person / gentleman is his / her uncle (relationship shown by lagte hai.n above)

    to get busy (kaam mei.n lagnaa = jut jaanaa)
    aate hii woh kaam mei.n lag gayaa
    He got busy just as he arrived

    to touch (lagnaa = chhoonaa)
    yeh pech us chiiz mei.n lag rahaa hai
    This screw is touching that thing

    to affect / damage (lagnaa = nuqSaan /Dharar pahunchnaa / hona)
    is taSwiir mei.n paanii lag gayaa hai
    This picture has been affected / damaged by water

    to catch [fire] (lagnaa = pakaRnaa)
    dukaan mei.n aag lag ga’ii
    The shop caught fire

    to be infatuated / be after someone (lagnaa = kisii par 3aashiq hona).
    yeh shaxs apnii doost ke piichhe lagaa hai
    This person is after / infatuated by his friend

    to be infected / catch a disease (biimaarii lagnaa = biimaar hona / paRnaa)
    unkoo yeh biimaarii lagii hai
    He / they have got / been infected by this disease

    to continue to / do non-stop (mei.n or par lagnaa / lage rahnaa )
    Hukoomat is manSoobe kii takmiil mei.n lagi rahii
    The government continued / persisted in the completion of this scheme / plan / project.

    woh isii manSoobeh par lagaa thhaa
    He continued with / persisted with this scheme / plan / project.

    to cost (payse lagnaa)
    is kaam mei.n kitne payse lage?
    How much did this work cost?

    to park [car] (gaaRii lagaanaa)
    mai.n apnii gaaRii hameshah ghar ke saamne lagaataa hoo.n
    I always park my car in front of the house

    also makes many more compound verbs! Here are a few:

    to hug = gale lagnaa

    to get hold of = haathh lagnaa

    to show favour = moo.nh lagnaa

    to get a taste = moo.nh ko lagnaa / mazaa lagnaa (also, zauq ho jaanaa)


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    Thank you very much Bakshink for your rich input. I would appreciate if you can translate this as I just began studying Hindi .
    Thanks in advance.

    I really appreciate your informative and enriching replies.
    Thanks A lot Bro فيلسوف
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    Thanks thelastchoice. Do you want me to translate the whole input? That will be one stupendous task. If you can't read it and have just started learning Hindi now then the usages of Laganaa put in here by Faylasoof will be more than enough for you.


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    It seems on a cursory glance that no one has as yet mentioned the very popular "us kii to lag gayii". Meaning "He's screwed!"


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    ^ The above is literal meaning, janaab. I am talking of something completely different:

    us ke chaachaa ne use laRkii ko chheRte hue dekh liyaa, us kii to ab lag gayii bas.


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    I really thank you all for your rich posts and generous contributions. WR is a place where you can find such great people willing to share knowledge.
    Thanks again.
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