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Dear Foreros,

This may just be one of the curiosities/oddities of language but is it the case that in Urdu/Hindi whilst you can indeed be at home I.e. ghar peh/par you cannot be at the office but rather your are in it? Would "daftar peh/par honaa" make sense or its best to say daftar meN? Would the following sentences be correct (merely rearranged for the most part):

Aap ghar peh haiN keh daftar- Are you at home or the office?

Aap ghar haiN ke daftar peh?//

Daftar peh haiN ke ghar?//

Daftar peh mulaaqaat ho sake gii keh ghar? - Can we meet at your office or is home the only option?

Secondly, what about being at the movies, races, cricket, tennis and so forth? Going to the movies, would most probably be viewed in the singular in Urdu/Hindi. I don't think anyone would say filmeiN when they went to watch one. So perhaps to be at the movies = film peh honaa/sinemaa-ghar meN honaa. Once again in Urdu/Hindi it appears you can be in the cinema but not at the cinema. Be at the races- dauRoN peh/par hona?
Be at the cricket/tennis- Tennis/krikiT pe honaa?

Finally, in Urdu/Hindi does one like to be on camera or in the camera? In English it is explicitly to be on camera. Is it the same in Urdu/Hindi I.e. Kamere peh aanaa yaa meN aanaa? To be captured on camera I believe is kamere meN qaid (honaa).

He loves to be on camera- us ko kamere pe aane kaa baRaa shouq hai. Then again kamere meN aanaa doesn't sound odd either. For instance if a speed gun catches you going at x over speed limit you'd be told aap kii gaaRii kamere meN x km fii ghanTaa jaate/chalte aa'ii/pakRii ga'ii hai.

Just a few interesting musings I wanted some advice on. Look forward to hearing from you all.

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