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What is "ban-ban" (hyphenated in the original), as it appears in the following lines of the song "na to kaarvaaN kii talaash hai" (also known as "yah ishq isqh"), from the Indian movie "barsaat kii raat"?

ban-ban Dolii janak dulaarii
pahan ke prem kii maalaa
darshan jal kii pyaasii miiraa
pii gaii viSH kaa pyaalaa

The general idea of the song, is to describe how different women in Hindu tradition forsake the world out of love.
King Janak was the father of Sita, and Meera was a famous poetress whose devoutness for Krishna protected her from the effects of poison.

It is that she "became" the dear?
Or the "dear of Janak" ... somehing?

There is an entry in the Urdu Lughat for ban-ban kar, but I don't quite understand how it applies here.
The definition says more or less this:
hone ke baavjuud yaa baad, ho kar; taiyaar ho ke, bin saNvar ke, bin Than ke

Please help me understand.
Thanks in advance.

[Sample Youtube: BQRHuMBtOYY at 10:10 approx]
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