Urdu, Hindi: bolii-boliiN / bolii-boleN


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What kind of phrase is bolii-boliiN or bolii-boleN (verbal, adjectival, nominal)?
What does it mean?
It appears also in the Coke Studio song "Bholay Bhalay", and in which a woman narrates how she is seduced by her lover's apparent innocence.

The translation given suggests "to repeat"?

saiyaaN kii bolii-boliiN hoNT rasiileMy lips can only repeat his honeyed words
nainoN se baateN karte nain nashiileHis intoxicating eyes enchant me

I found "bolii bolnaa" in the Urdu Lughat, but doesn't seem to be related, since it is something like "to speak on someone else's shoulder, like in an auction"

Thanks in advance for any help.
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    "bolii" here means "voice": so "saiyaa kii bolii bole hoNTh raseele" can either mean "hoNTh raseele bole saiyaa kii bolii," meaning "juicy lips utter with the voice of the beloved" or (the more likely) "saiyaa kii bolii bole (mere) hoNTh raseele," meaning "the beloved's voice says that my lips are juicy."

    Please put time stamp always when you ask questions: not many listen to such terrible songs.


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    saiyyaaN kii bolii boleN hoNT rasiile
    nainoN se baateN karte nain nashiile

    boleN not bole or boliiN
    hoNT not hoNTh (always hoNT in Urdu, as in chhuu lene do naazuk hoNToN ko....sung by Muhammad Rafi)

    My succulent lips, speak my lover's tongue
    Eyes intoxicating, talk with my lover's eyes