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What does "surtiyaa" mean in the context below?
My assumption is, that it is a diminutive for surtaa = considerate, thoughtful, mindful, etc.
These are the typical lyrics about a woman paining for her absent beloved, it belongs to the song "Laage Re Nain" from Coke Studio

jab se piyaa pardes gayo re
dekhii surtiyaa der bhayo re
bintii karat huuN paiiyaaN paRat huuN
laage re nain tum se piyaa more

Since the beloved left the country, what made its appearance?
"a thoughtful, considerate period"?
Or is it she who became "mindful of time"?

Please orient me, it is too much Braj at once for me :)
Thanks in advance
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    It's a very standard Hindi word!

    "soorat": appearance

    Relevant part from Dasa's sabdsagara:

    सूरत : १. रूप । आकृति । शक्ल

    And it's a standard way of making a diminutive in Hindi.

    Is it that whenever you are unable to figure out a word, you assume it's something in Brajbhasha? I am unable to figure out why so many of your Coke Studio Pakistan's threads have Braj in the title, though I rarely, if ever, hear any Braj in it! (I think this was discussed in an earlier thread, too.)
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    Yes, "Suurat" as in the oft-quoted shi3r from Faiz Ahmed Faiz's nazm "mujh se pahlii sii muHabbat mirii maHbuub nah maaNg"..

    تیری صورت سے ہے عالم میں بہاروں کو ثبات

    تیری آنکھوں کے سوا دنیا میں رکھا کیا ہے

    terii suurat se hai 3aalam meN bahaaroN ko sabaat
    terii aaNkhoN ke sivaa dunyaa meN rakkhaa kyaa hai

    It is your countenance that gives permanence to the spring
    What else is there present in the world other than your eyes

    This poem is included in his earliest publication "Naqsh-i-Faryaadii" (The complaining image) printed around 1941.

    "suurat" in Urdu is linked to other words such as "tasviir" (picture), "tasavvur"(imagination), "musavvir" (artist/painter), "musavvar" (illustrated) etc.