Urdu/Hindi - conjugation of Hum Ham used for self

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    When ham is used to mean 'I', is it always conjugated in the plural masculine even when the speaker is feminine?
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    “Hum” and “Humara” are sometimes used as “I” and “Mine”. It was common in the days of the royalty – a royal person always referred to himself/herself as “Hum”. It is still common in some areas nowadays, particularly in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. For example - “Hum nahi karange” (I won't do it/We won't do it). But strictly spwaking, the use of "hum" in this context is grammatically incorrect but it is nevertheless fairly common. In some places it is endemic.
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    You have asked a similar question in the past, tony SaaHib. It might be worth merging the two threads.

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    Mostly, but not always. Sometimes, it is also conjugated in fem.

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