Urdu, Hindi: gavaa iimaan


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The (apparently hugely famous) video clip "Vaaste", some juvenile/student love song, starts like this. A lover is saying what he/she would be willing to give up for the beloved.

वास्ते जान भी दूँواسطے جان بھی دوں
मैं गवा ईमान भी दूँمیں گوا اِیمان بھی دوں
क़िस्मतों का लिखा मोड़ दूँقِسْمَتوں کا لکھا موڑ دوں

"maiN gavaa iimaan bhii duuN" is translated everywhere as "I would give up my religion".

Dos this mean the Shahadah or Muslim testimony of faith?
i.e.: "I would give testimony of faith (hence, formally become a Muslim, assuming he is not)?

["gavaa iimaan" happens at 0:43 in most Youtube videos.]
[I could not find the 2 words together in any context other than the song. Also tried gavaah, gavaahii]
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    "I would lose iimaan". "iimaan" is difficult to translate into English: it can be roughly translated as honesty, conscience, faith, etc., but hard to think of a proper term in English for that. (I don't think Western cultures have the concept.)