Urdu,Hindi: ghuum-phir ke vs lauT-phir ke

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    In the "Back to square one" thread a side discussion has started whereby it is said that "lauT phir ke" is not only synonymous with "ghuum phir ke" in most contexts but also there are subtle differences between the two. I am starting a new thread here to avoid unnecessary off-topic discussions there.

    I personally have not come across "lauT-phir ke" used in the sense of "ghuum phir ke". I am not sure of marrish SaaHib's reasoning for questioning the use of "lauT phir ke" but hindiurdu SaaHib is of the view that perhaps the author meant to write "ghuum phir ke" for "lauT phir ke". It would be nice for both Urdu speakers and Hindi speakers to offer their views on this. The question in essence is..

    Is "lauT phir ke" the same as "ghuum phir ke"?

    It is possible this may be a very localised usage but I even doubt this. Our UM SaaHib usually takes interest in what is grammatically or idiomatically correct or not and for this reason I would cherish his views too. Perhaps he would be kind enough to conduct one of his quick polls. Who knows, we may be enlightened by the findings.
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    Since the thread "Back to square one" itself is about the same thing, I don't see how we can go off-topic by discussing these expressions there. I urge the moderators to move the above post back to "Back to square one" thread.
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    Getting back to the business in hand...

    In Urdu, there is "loTaa loTaa phirnaa" and "loTtaa phirnaa" (be-qaraar honaa, nihaayat taRapnaa, pachhaaReN khaanaa), where the first verb is from "loTnaa" and not "lauTnaa". loTnaa (karvaTeN badalnaa, luRakniyaaN khaanaa)

    dil kaa saa dete gar durr-i-GhaltaaN ko iztiraab
    phirtaa tamaam daaman-i-saaHil meN loTtaa


    If a rolling pearl had been given restlessness of the heart
    It would have tossed and turned along the whole seashore
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    ^ Stunningly beautiful couplet, QP! Thanks.

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