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Dear Foreros,

I was wondering in as few words as possible how can you state the following:

A) "Go back to your tractors, farmer"- a condescending comment to make to someone on the rise and deemed to be an upstart. Also a quote from the Lamborghini drama documentary.

My attempts, if any are correct do let me know.

1. Apne TrakTaroN ko/par/pe lauTo kisaan/kaasht-kaar/mazaare'.
2. Waapas TraktaroN ko jaa'o, kisaan/kaasht-kaar/muzaare'.
3. TrakTaroN ko zor do .....
4. Waapas apne TrakTaroN ko jaa'o ....
5. Apne TraktaroN ko/par/pe dafa'o/ ho....
7. Wapas TraktaroN ko chalo/chaRho.....

Any other suggestions will also be appreciated. Feel free to correct where deemed necessary.

B) "Go back to your wife/mother"- a comment that could be made in multiple situations.

With this one I'm struggling to keep it succinct so I'll allow you to take a lead.

For instance, other snide remarks like go back to your country or home are rather easy to translate pithily, the former would be Apne watan/mulk ( ko waapas) jaa'o/dafa' ho. The latter "ghar jaa'o/lauTo/dafa' ho. However, with a) and especially b) I could predominately concoct wordy sentences which I would like to avoid. So sticking to a 5-6 word limit per sentence I would much appreciate your suggestions.

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    My take for (b) would be "(bas) apnii biibiii/mammii ke paas waapas jaa'o"

    I wonder for (a) if a less literal translation would be better? Something like "(abbe) raajnitii/politics pe kam aur apne tractors pe zyaada dhyaan dena hai"


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    One does not have to use the same verb in another language. Different languages turn differently. Thus, in Hindi, (a) would be best served by "apne TraikTaroN ko sambhaal/dekh." As for (b), without context, it's hard to say, but "apnii bivii/maaN ke paas jaa" would fit some of the situations (there is no need to translate "back" in Hindi for such a sentence).
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