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    I've mentioned in this forum in the past that there are some words in Punjabi which one would never, not in a month of Sundays, associate with Urdu or Hindi. However, one is taken aback when on occasions one is proven wrong. For example, I always thought "chhole" was a typical Punjabi word. How wrong I was!

    I was looking for some word in Platts when I came across the word "heTh" for "down". I use this word all the time in Punjabi but I do know that modern generation of Punjabis prefer the Urdu/Hindi "niiche" and avoid it because, to them (I think) it sounds "crude". I would say

    o gaDDii de heTh aa gayaa and not o gaDDii de niiche aa gayaa (vuh gaaRii ke niiche aa gaya). Do Urdu and Hindi speakers ever use "heTh" or is it another one of those words which has become obsolete?

    H هيٿهہ हेठheṭh [Prk. हेट्ठं; S. अधस्तात्, or prob. अधस्+स्थं], adv. & postpn. Below, down, under, beneath, underneath; at the bottom (of, -ke);—lowered, brought down; bent, bowed down; stooping; dropped down;—lowly, submissive (see heṭhā);—s.m. Bending, stooping; an overturning.
  2. greatbear Banned

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    "heTh" is used in Hindi, but is not common now. I wonder if "TheTh" is related to "heTh" (e.g., "veh TheTh jamunaa kinaare tak ho aayaa").
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    QP Sahib, you've got yourself another "heṭh-er" right here! :) I haven't encountered "heṭh" in Hindi before, but I always find Punjabi words in my McGregor Hindi kosh.

    Greatbear, how are we defining "theth" here? "He has returned from going right up to the Yamuna river bank?"
  4. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    Good to hear this, PG Jii. But the reality is that these words are common in these languages.

    Edit: McGregor gives heTh adv, heThaa adj, heThaapan noun/masculine and heThii noun/feminine (disgrace/dishonour)
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  5. greatbear Banned

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    "He has been right up to the Yamuna bank" - "theth" gives the feeling of "that far, till the very end/border" - in this sentence, "right" to the bank.
  6. marrish

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    I don't use heTh in Urdu and I wouldn't consider it a current word in Urdu. I do use it in Punjabi, together heThaaN, alternatively to 'thalle' (not niiche!). I think heTh is also shared by Sindhi.

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