Urdu-Hindi: karoR vs kaRoR (10 million)

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    On Google search (using Urdu spelling) both karoR and kaRoR show results. karoR many more than kaRoR. Curious if one of these is considered a corruption, or are both equally correct. Thoughts?
  2. greatbear Banned

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    Never heard "kaRoR"; it's always "karoR" for me. I have heard "kroR" at times, though.
  3. Qureshpor Senior Member

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    Forbes/Platts (The Hindustani Manaual-1906) gives "kaRoR" and there is no sign of "karoR" but I have n't found "kaRoR" anywhere else yet in the grammar books.*

    I've typed in Devanagri and here is one example from the net.

    अट्ठारह दिन में, ग्यारह कड़ोड़, पच्चास लाख से भी ज्यादा हिटस्!

    aTThaarah din meN, gyaarah kaRoR, pachchaas laakh se bhii jyaadaa hiTs!

    *Edit: I have just found kaRoR in Baba-i-Urdu's Qavaa'id-i-Urdu (1914), not just once but twice!
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  4. hindiurdu Senior Member

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    I usually hear karoR, but then this happens with the plural also: karoRoN → kroRoN → kRoRoN. I hear stuff like 'kRoRoN rupaye' all the time. I think there's a small minority that says 'kaRoR' all the time also. YT for 'Habib Jalib - Mainay Uss Say Yeh Kaha - Laal' and listen from 0:20.
  5. Qureshpor Senior Member

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    Indeed. He does seem to say "kaRoR". In my experience I have heard the younger generation use a lot of R in place of r! I don't know what the explanation for this is. He says at 03:50 as well, in case there is any doubt.
  6. Qureshpor Senior Member

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    Today I was watching a programme on Youtube on Muhammad Rafi presented by Javed Akhtar in which Javed akhtar uses "karor" (karoroN) and not "karoR". This must be another variation.
  7. fdb Senior Member

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    Turner's entry:

    3498 kōṭi2 f. ʻ 10,000,000 ʼ Mn. [Separate from kṓṭi 1: ← Austroas. EWA i 270 with lit.]
    Pa. kōṭi -- f., Pk. kōḍi -- , OB. OG. koḍi f., Si. keḷa; -- hypersanskritism with kr -- : K. kŏrōr, S. kiroṛi, P. kroṛ, B. kroṛ, H. kroṛ, kir°, kar° (→ N. karoṛ); OMarw. kiroṛa ʻ crore ʼ, °ṛī ʻ worth a crore ʼ; G. karoṛ.
  8. marrish

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    The entry being good for etymology, it does not mirror the ground reality as far as Hindi is concerned, provided two above posts deal with Hindi and have it with with schwa after [k], with one admitting having heard the one without. What a pity this entry (and actually no single entry) from this great work mentions Urdu. In this way the Urdu way of saying this would be equivalent to the Gujarati one. I have a strong reason to believe that it matches the Hindi pronunciation more than suggested in this entry.
  9. fdb Senior Member

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    "H. kroṛ, kir°, kar°" is an abbreviation for "Hindi/Urdu kroṛ, kiroṛ, karo".
  10. marrish

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    You are right, it is it. I didn't check. My remark about leaving Urdu out is still valid, though.
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