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What would be the romantic meaning of a woman calling a man parkhne-vaalaa?
By a dictionary search, I know it means "assayer, one who tests the purity of metals", and more in general "tester, one who judges".

The story goes like this: a man (who is a poet) and a woman (who is a singer) are professing their love for each other in a garden.
Or, more precisely, and given the standards of that time (1962, the movie "Ghazal"), he is does most of the professions of love and she modestly deflects them, portraying herself as undeserving.

He goes on comparing her body to a musical instrument (an "unplayed" one, obviously), and what a music would be played with it.
And to this, she answers:

yah raagnii tere dil meN hai, mere tan meN nahiiN
parkhne-vaale mujhe, terii sadgii kii qasam!

My interpretation is that she is saying something like:

Oh, assayer of mine, I swear by your plainness!

maybe critizicing him for his boldness, or gently mocking him for being a bad judge of character, (and further diminishing herself for not being as "pure gold" as he pictures her?).

Anyway, I don't know, I have zero poetic sense.

I just would please like to know if there is any idiomatic or traditional use of this "parkhne-vaale mujhe", which I am missing.

[example Youtube video=ESX2mcBLCzE 2:45, song: "Mujhe ye Phool na De"]
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    I found some occurrences in Rekhta:

    parakhne vaale mujhe dekh is tarah bhoo zaraa
    agar hai khoT to kaise chamak rahaa huuN maiN
    (Kausar Niyaazii)

    maiN huuNm lamhoN ko kasauTii pe parakhne vaalaa
    vaqt ho sone kaa paanii to mujhe xat likhnaa
    (Matrab Nizaamii)

    baaqii nahiiN ek shuur rakhne vaalaa
    sahbaa-e-kuhan saal kaa chakhne vaalaa
    kyaa apne maanii kaa maiN ronaa rouuN
    alfaaz nahiiN koii parakhne vaalaa
    (Josh Maliihaabaadii)


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    I did not understand your OP, @MonsieurGonzalito jii, nor have I heard the song, and I don't think I am going to listen to it. However, if your query is about the word "parakhnaa", then it is a very commonly used word, and the following are the Platts definitions:

    H परखना parakhnā (see parakh), v.t. To examine, prove, try, test, assay: — parakhne-wālā, s.m. = parkhaiya, q.v.

    H परख parakh [S. परीक्षा], s.f. Inspection, examination, test, trial, proof, experiment; scrutiny; discrimination, judgment.


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    I was just asking if the word is apt yo be usted in a romantic context.
    "Assayer" sounds too specific, technical, even intrusive a word for a lover to use with a beloved.

    I guess I am simply failing to grasp its poetic angle ...

    Also in the original verse:

    parkhne-vaale mujhe, terii sadgii kii qasam!

    assuming she is saying something like "oh, my examiner!", I was wondering why "mujhe" instead of "mere".
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    ^ I haven’t listened to the song, but I think you’re over-analyzing the verse. The woman is teasingly or endearingly calling her lover an “examiner” (parakhne-vaalaa) because he is “examining” her. Grammatically, it should be “mujhe” not “mere”.