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Dear Foreros,

How would you define the concept of taking the credit or wanting the credit for having done something or an accolade in the respective languages. The word that shouts at me is daad. I would assume daad lenaa and chaahnaa would perfectly encapsulate the idea in Urdu and Hindi. Would you agree? I would also be interested in how Perso-phones express the sentiment. When we give someone props/kudos/credit for something we tend to say daad denaa. I would assume if credit were to go to someone it would be daad jaanaa.

"He is too modest to want the credit. He prefers to work behind the scenes and make things happen."

The sentence above is a good way to put your thoughts into action.

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    From the posts in the previous thread, it seems there is not a single word (in Persian and Urdu) for credit that can be used in all contexts. Therefore, various words or phrases are used depending on context. Of course, the English word (کریڈٹ) itself is used very often.
    Sheikh_14 said:
    The word that shouts at me is daad. ... Would you agree?
    داد - daad can certainly be used (as was previously suggested by Faylasoof, marrish and Qureshpor SaaHibaan) in certain contexts, but it usually has positive connotations.

    Example sentence: Credit should have been given to the original work/author/director/etc.

    There would be a difference in the following:

    • credit, acknowledgement, recognition, etc.
    • praise, accolade, acclaim, laud, etc.
    In such cases, تذکرہ، حوالہ، وغیرہ - mention, reference, etc. would probably be used (instead داد، تعریف، تحسین، وغیرہ).