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Dear Foreros,

The concept of a walk is important in every language and this is particularly poignant in Indo-European languages yet I cannot for the life of me think of a term that encapsulates the concept of a walk. What I mean by this is a walk as a noun not in the act of walking which can be defined as chalnaa or paidal chalnaa, Tehelnaa (saunter) or chihal/chehl-qadamii (ramble, stroll) and even perhaps piyaada-paa'ii (i.e. motion afoot). No one glorifies walking like Italian and Spanish with their respective terms of Cammino and Camino which not only define a walk but also promenades or trails of national, heritage, and touristic import. An example of such includes the fabled El Camino De Santiago of Spain which is a pilgrimage trail spanning as much as 500 miles. Now I am not for one second suggesting that as we have done in the past sporadically, we should loan the term primarily because a) it hasn't been done in a while and b) its a term that would sound derogatory to most Indo-Pak-Persian ears due to its proximity to the word Kamiina/e. But rather I would like to puzzle and ferret out whether such a term exists which could replace the English word Walk in the following circumstances:

1. Grandpa loves his Sunday morning/evening/afternoon walk.
2. El Camino De Santiago in Spain purveys tourists and pilgrims alike with a historic heritage walk.
3. That was one heck of a walk.
4. The museum is barely a half-hour walk away.

Does any term come pop into your head?

Any assistance would be much appreciated. As always transliterations would help to gauge modern-day pronunciations.

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